Aerodrums benefit from High Growth Innovation Fund


Successful music software company, Aerodrums, have taken the next step in their business plan and developed a brand-new piece of air drumming kit – with the help of the High Growth Innovation Fund, delivered by Growth Platform.

The company, who have been based in Liverpool for seven years, currently at Liverpool Science Park, make tools for drummers and developed ‘Aerodrums’ – a musical instrument that allows the user to play in a quiet and portable way – all by air drumming. All that’s needed is a compatible PC or Mac.

Co-founder, Yann Morvan, explained:

“I worked with my co-founder, Richard, when we were Ph.D students in a computer science lab in Dublin. That lab had a motion capture system, the same that film and game studios use, where actors wear spandex suits and use reflective balls. For fun, we decided to track my drumsticks to see if we could get some air drumming going. It worked far beyond our expectations.

“After we left the lab we continued to work on the project and realised we could do the job with just a game console camera. We knew we had something unique that would be of genuine use to people who can’t get to a drum set. We initially made the first batch of 500 Aerodrums at home, sold them on Amazon and booked a small booth at the NAMM show (the main international music instrument trade fair) – many news outlets covered our product and Aerodrums took off!

“We are a small team and Aerodrums is still assembled in Liverpool, the funding we received through the High Growth Innovation Fund helped specifically with programme development.”

The company have spent the last five years working on their latest product – Aerodrums 2 – a more compact air drumming piece of kit. It doesn’t require a computer to use, users just plug their headphones in and play. It’s portable and compact, saves space and can be used just as well practicing in a bedroom or recording in a studio.

Kickstarter campaign for Aerodrums 2 is currently live and reached its minimum funding goal in about seven hours.

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The High Growth Innovation Fund is part of the LCR High Growth Programme that is part funded by ERDF and the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and delivered by Growth Platform – Liverpool City Region Growth Company.