Connecting the Ecosystem


By taking space with Sciontec you would not just be another occupier in a building, you would be an integral part of the Knowledge Quarter Liverpool (KQ Liverpool) Ecosystem.

KQ Liverpool is a place that is greater than the sum of its parts.

KQ Liverpool is a world-leading innovation district, and is home to some of the world’s most influential players in science, health, technology, education, music and the creative performing arts. It links up like-minded cultural and commercial organisations, academics, clinicians and scientists, to promote the world-class innovation that exists within the Liverpool City Region.


Chinese dragons

A city fuelled by culture


One of the things that most differentiates KQ Liverpool from other innovation districts is the richness of the culture that is embedded into the fabric of the place. The KQ Liverpool Eco-System is fuelled by culture – it’s what gives the place vibrancy and energy.

Our Initiatives

We measure our success upon
our customers’ achievements

Making the link.

KQ Liverpool, is always on hand to offer wrap-around support to each and every person that takes space with us.

This active collaboration is delivered through a number of bespoke initiatives, which are helping to drive inward investment into KQ Liverpool, grow a network of advocates for our world-class innovation district and prioritise the sustainability agenda.

Who’s already here?

Sciontec has an extensive list of customers that proudly call our buildings their home and, let’s be honest, our community would
be pretty rubbish without them.

From Start-ups to Blue-chips and everything in between, we are confident that we can find the right type of space for your business.

A concept image of people chatting in the HEMISPHERE reception

Sounds great, let’s find a space