Knowledge Quarter Liverpool


Sciontec spun out of Knowledge Quarter Liverpool (KQ Liverpool) – the strategic, place shaping organisation tasked with developing a world-leading innovation district in Liverpool.

Developing a world-leading innovation district

An urban innovation district, and home to some of the world’s most influential players in science, health, technology, education, music and the creative and performing arts, KQ Liverpool spans 450-acres and covers more than half of Liverpool City Centre.

Ultimately KQ Liverpool is a place that is greater than the sum of its parts. A place that brings together like-minded businesses, academics, clinicians and scientists for the greater good.

The KQ Liverpool
Innovation Ecosystem

Home to the original Red Brick and internationally renowned Russell Group University (the University of Liverpool), one of the UK’s top five young universities (Liverpool John Moores University) and the first institution in the world dedicated to tropical disease research (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine), KQ Liverpool is a key driver of the Liverpool City Region’s knowledge economy and a hub for world leading innovation.

All Sciontec customer benefit from being a part of the KQ Liverpool Ecosysytem with direct links to leading institutions and adjacent campuses with in excess of 70,000 students. That not only means you would have access to a future talent pipeline, but also to world-first research and development.

2025 The KQ Liverpool Vision Logo

The KQ Liverpool 2025 Vision


The KQ Liverpool 2025 Vision encompasses five main areas of focus: attracting and retaining talent, growing business and attracting inward investment, collaborating with purpose, being a better neighbour and creating a smarter, greener city.

The vision sets out clear objectives and targets for the next five years that will be carried out through collaboration with stakeholders and through the KQ Liverpool team.