Coworking in Liverpool: Trends, Statistics, and Sciontec’s Role


Liverpool, celebrated for its cultural and economic vibrancy, is witnessing a coworking boom. Leading this trend is Sciontec, offering diverse coworking solutions across the city for various business types.

The Growth of Coworking in Liverpool


The city’s coworking spaces have seen a surge, growing by over 150% in the past five years. Sciontec has been a catalyst in this growth, establishing high-quality coworking environments in prime locations. 


Key Trends and Statistics


Below are some of the key trends and statistics that are being seen in the coworking sector. 


Rapid Expansion:

The number of coworking spaces in Liverpool has skyrocketed, with current estimates suggesting over 35 active coworking locations.


Diverse Occupancy:

Sciontec’s spaces, in particular, report a diverse occupancy with a mix of 40% creative professionals, 30% tech entrepreneurs, and 30% from various other sectors, illustrating the versatility of their coworking environments.


Economic Impact:

Coworking spaces in Liverpool, including those operated by Sciontec, contribute an estimated £25 million annually to the local economy, underlining their significance in the city’s financial growth.


Increased Demand for Flexibility:

There’s a noticeable trend towards flexible working arrangements, with a survey indicating that 60% of Liverpool’s professionals prefer flexible workspace options, a demand that Sciontec is well-positioned to meet.


Networking and Collaboration Opportunities:

Sciontec’s coworking spaces not only provide a place to work but also foster a community environment. Regular events, workshops, and networking sessions held at Sciontec locations enhance collaboration and professional growth.


Technological Advancements:

Embracing the digital age, Sciontec has equipped its coworking spaces with secure, ultrafast WiFi, attracting tech-savvy professionals and startups.


Impact of the Pandemic


The shift towards remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the importance of coworking spaces. Sciontec responded swiftly, adapting its facilities and launching new all-inclusive workspaces, to ensure safety and flexibility, thus meeting the new work-life balance needs.


Sciontec: At the Heart of Liverpool’s Coworking Scene


Sciontec stands as a beacon in Liverpool’s coworking world, offering modern, well-equipped spaces that cater to a wide array of professional needs. Their commitment to community, innovation, and collaboration makes them a preferred choice for Liverpool’s dynamic workforce.


Key Industries and their significance in Liverpool


Below are some of the key industries and the significance they have in the market in Liverpool.


Advanced Manufacturing:

Liverpool is a hub for advanced manufacturing, with the sector contributing significantly to the regional economy. The city’s rich industrial heritage and ongoing investment in manufacturing innovation and digitalisation make it an ideal location for this sector. Sciontec’s coworking spaces support this by providing the resources and networks crucial for manufacturing advancements.


Creative Industries:

The creative sector in Liverpool is vibrant and growing, contributing £1.4 billion to the local economy. The city’s cultural heritage, exemplified by its UNESCO City of Music status and the famous Liverpool Biennial, makes it a natural home for creative professionals. Sciontec’s spaces offer the collaborative and inspiring environments needed by this community.



Liverpool’s reputation as an educational centre is bolstered by its four universities and numerous research institutions, attracting academics and educational professionals from around the world. Sciontec’s coworking spaces facilitate the collaboration and innovation that are hallmarks of the education sector in Liverpool and provide spaces for world-leading R&D to take place through academic startups and spinouts.


Professional Services:

The professional services sector, including finance, law, and consultancy, is a significant contributor to Liverpool’s economy. The city’s business-friendly environment and its status as a commercial hub make it an attractive location for these services. Sciontec provides the sophisticated and technologically equipped spaces that these professionals require, as well as benefiting from well connected, city centre locations.


Liverpool’s science sector is thriving, particularly in fields like health and  life sciences, with the city being home to major science parks and research facilities. This sector’s presence is bolstered by the city’s investment in research and development. Sciontec’s coworking spaces are tailored to meet the needs of this innovative and fast-evolving sector.


The technology sector in Liverpool is rapidly expanding, with the city being recognised as a significant UK digital hub. The tech industry’s growth is supported by initiatives like the Liverpool City Region Digital Strategy. Sciontec’s spaces, with their focus on advanced technology and networking, are perfectly suited to tech startups and IT professionals.


Contribution to the Liverpool Economy


Coworking spaces are pivotal in supporting local businesses and startups, with Sciontec playing a significant role in this ecosystem. They help in attracting talent, fostering innovation, and boosting the local economy.


The Future of Coworking in Liverpool


As Liverpool’s business landscape evolves, coworking spaces, especially those offered by Sciontec, are expected to become even more integral to the city’s professional environment.




Coworking spaces in Liverpool, spearheaded by Sciontec, are not just workspaces but hubs that drive innovation and community spirit. They provide flexibility, opportunities for collaboration, and contribute significantly to the city’s work culture and economy.