Dedicated desk or Hot desking: Which is best for my business?


Hot desking in Liverpool is becoming an increasingly popular choice for businesses across the city.

Hot desking offers those who aren’t in need of a permanent office a flexible, cost-effective way of keeping their operations running.

Whilst there are different types of flexible working space, some types aren’t necessarily right for everyone, so finding out what works best for your business is an important first step towards making a decision.

If you’re wondering whether hot desking or dedicated desk space is best for your business, this blog is for you: read on to find out more about how they work.


Dedicated Desk Space

The key difference between a dedicated desk and a hot desk is simple: a dedicated desk is a workspace that is rented out to one individual for a certain period, whereas a hot desk is a desk in a workspace that is shared by a community of users.

Whilst hot desking spaces in Liverpool carry many benefits, there’s still plenty to be gained from committing to dedicated desk space.

For example, committing to a dedicated desk space means you have a permanent space to work for a certain length of time, whether it’s weeks, months, or years. Whilst this may be slightly more expensive than hot desking, the degree of permanence you get in exchange can help put your mind at ease if you’re business depends on regular usage.

As well as this, businesses that don’t depend on increased flexibility can often benefit from dedicated desks, as the sense of permanence they offer can help you grow a community around you, bringing a sense of stability to your business and its community.

If this sounds like it’s for you, contact Scionetc today to find out more about what we have available.


Hot Desking Spaces

When it comes to flexible working space, it is likely that ‘hot desking’ is a phrase you’ve come across before, as it has been adopted by large institutions as well as smaller agencies that want to cut down on costs.

Whilst hot desking doesn’t offer the permanence of dedicated desk space, it is a cost-effective ‘point of entry’ to flexible working, offering professionals a space to work that allows them to curate their own working week, including working from home as well as from the office if necessary.

Because hot desking is short term, if it works out for those who use it over a short period of time, it is then possible for them to gauge whether it is worth investing in a dedicated desk space.

Whilst they are ideal for one-off bookings, regular use of hot desks can also be a great way of networking and meeting new people, a feature that is especially useful for freelancers, or those who run their business independently.


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