Thursday 21st December


09:30 - 18:00


Liverpool Science Park - Entrance Lounge

Jelly Liverpool


What is Jelly Liverpool?

Jelly Liverpool is a freelance meet-up and pop up office that travels from place to place, welcoming visitors with free WiFi, excellent coffee and a place to work.


Who attends?

We see a lot of developers, and internet types. Some would class themselves as entrepreneurs or freelancers. Others work in an office most of the time, but work at Jelly for fresh ideas and a change of pace.

We’d love to encourage a lot more to attend and to spread the word wider in Liverpool to attract more from the creative and digital industry sector, but basically anyone who works remotely or independently is made very welcome. No matter what you do or what you create, you’re welcome to come to Jelly and share your talent and learn from others.


Wondering if it’s for you? Do you…

  • work from home and get “cabin fever”?
  • search out coffee shops with WiFi & power?
  • wish that “working for yourself” didn’t mean “working by yourself”?
  • are desperate for a change of scene?
  • want to expand your network & contacts?
  • seek out some inspiration and motivation?


If so, Jelly Liverpool will be the perfect meet-up for you! Registration in advance isn’t needed, simply turn up on the day and get stuck in. 


Jelly Liverpool at LSP

Liverpool Science Park (LSP) hosts Jelly Liverpool on the third Thursday of each month. 

Jelly Liverpool takes place in the building’s stunning £1m Entrance Lounge in IC1. The industrial-themed breakout/lounge space, complete with pop-up café facility, has large sliding doors leading out to a landscaped seating area and the Cathedral Piazza. Its impressive internal windows also showcase the incredible technology being used in the Manufacturing Technology Centre’s futuristic robotics lab.


About LSP

LSP offers Grade-A office space and laboratories in the heart of the city’s Knowledge Quarter. Its three innovation centres are home to some of Liverpool’s finest science, technology and knowledge-based companies.