Lozio 7 cleans up at global innovation awards


Liverpool Science Park based tech business wins international award for innovation.

Lozio 7, the creators of a unique concept tap which also cleans razor cartridges, has been named winner of the ‘Innovation in Specialist Cleaning Technology’ category at the 2023/24 Corporate LiveWire Global Awards.

The winning idea was a faucet that has an extra function, which cleans disposable razor cartridges in a fraction of the usual time, consuming 99% less water and keeping the razor sharp for up to four times longer than via traditional cleaning methods.

David Lam, chief executive of Lozio 7, said:

“Shavers worldwide throw away over 80,000 tonnes of disposable razors each year, estimated by manufactured volume. If our technology were to become mainstream, its benefits would translate to a potential annual saving of 48,000 tonnes of material landfill waste.

“We believe our device is the world’s first dual function faucet, which we know can have lots of beneficial applications across the hospitality industry and other commercial environments, and ultimately there is potential for it to be adopted by people for use within their homes.”

Lozio 7 has been developing its concept faucet prototype for a number of years within one of Sciontec Developments Limited’s innovation centres at Liverpool Science Park, which is home to a dynamic community of Health and Life Sciences, Advanced Manufacturing and Digital and Creative sector organisations.

Having reached a significant proof of concept milestone, the decision to enter the Corporate LiveWire Global Awards was the next step for Lozio 7 in affirming their innovative creation.

David added:

“The Global Awards celebrate the achievements of businesses and individuals across a wide range of industries and sectors, and we are delighted that our novel technology has been recognised on this international stage.

“We are excited for the future of our product and how its impending roll-out will impact upon the environment and our business’ growth. Watch this space!”

To watch a short video about Lozio 7’s award winning innovation, click here.