Welcome to the new and improved Sciontec website


This new website better reflects the forward thinking and innovative nature of our growing business. 

Where Science, Innovation and Technology come to life

This is now where you’ll now find all things Sciontec related; whether you’re looking for office or lab space, want to find out more about our dynamic business community or just want a quick look around our buildings with our virtual tour

We’re a different type of real estate business. We care more about what’s real to you, what matters to your business and how we can help improve the working environment wherever we can. 

We provide great spaces for great minds. Having expanded from our three innovation centres at Liverpool Science Park, we now also offer a range of all inclusive work spaces within our Sciontec AI floors in The Spine at Paddington Village (no relation to the Marmalade-sandwich loving bear). Within these buildings is a growing community of entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers, undertaking cutting edge innovation, science and biomedical research, digital manufacturing transformation and creative technology integration.

Our Sciontec locations provide a home for start-ups and spin-outs, those eager to grow and scale-up rapidly and international businesses looking for a fantastic UK base. By taking space with Sciontec however, businesses are not just another occupier in a building, they are an integral part of the Knowledge Quarter Liverpool (KQ Liverpool) Ecosystem.

So, what’s new? 

We have completely revamped our website so that we can show off all the things we do in one place. You’ll be able to see which of our available workspaces are best for your business, check out what our partners have been up to, read more blogs like this and keep up to date with all things Sciontec related.

Going forwards therefore, you won’t need to visit different location websites (like the Liverpool Science Park website), as this new site has integrated all content in one place. 

We hope you enjoy exploring our places and spaces and that you love the new website as much as we do. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us today.