Enhanced Lab Access for Sciontec Customers


Through our connections with the Materials Innovation Factory (MIF), all Sciontec customers are able to access their unique facilities which are purpose built for innovation, the exploitation of cutting-edge technology and world class expertise in materials chemistry and formulation.

What is the MIF?

  • The MIF is an £81 million facility dedicated to the research and development of advanced materials. 
  • It is a collaboration between the University of Liverpool and Unilever, which brings together materials chemistry expertise with the latest computational and robotic equipment. 
  • The MIF is located in the Knowledge Quarter Liverpool innovation district, and is only a 6 minute walk from both Liverpool Science Park and The Spine.

What facilities are in the MIF?

  • Formulation & Automation Lab
  • Testing Lab
  • Raman & Fluorescence Lab
  • SEM Lab
  • Research Hotels
  • Analytical Chemistry Lab

How can accessing the MIF benefit my business?

  • Accelerate research and reduce product development time, giving you first to market advantage.
  • Equipment can be operated 24/7 and enables the automation of repetitive tasks.
  • Using their state-of-the-art digital technology and academic research can make your R&D more cost effective and impactful.
> Case Study – Polymer Mimetics

Being in an innovation centre with close ties to the University of Liverpool and the facilities at the MIF aids our analyses and characterisation of our bespoke polymer systems. The ability to have walk-in access to highly specialised equipment greatly accelerates our development, which is invaluable to us.”
– Dr Paul Findlay, CTO, Polymer Mimetics

How can I get involved?

You can access the MIF’s unrivalled aggregation of robotics, automation equipment and academic experts, in several ways:

  • Direct use: Book equipment to use yourself, from one-day on demand use to longer term residencies. Training is also available for specific pieces of equipment.
  • Contract and collaborative research: Dedicated on-site technical support teams can support the lifespan of your project, from scoping experiments, running samples, through to data analysis and results feedback on your behalf.
  • SME Access Scheme: All eligible UK-based SMEs can apply for the MIF’s State Aid Support Scheme, which provides discounted access to the Henry Royce Institute equipment. 

Find out more

  • Sign up for MIF access or book an in-person site tour via: enquiries@sciontec.co.uk 
  • Take a virtual look around inside the MIF here 
  • Visit the MIF website here