LSP Customers focus on sustainability


Our LSP Sustainability Group meet-ups provide customers with an opportunity to directly shape the environmental strategy within our innovation centres. 

First launched in December 2022, the LSP Sustainability Group provides an opportunity for Sciontec’s customers to directly shape the green credentials of Liverpool Science Park.

A core group met earlier this month to discuss ways of raising awareness of more sustainable business practices, how to encourage colleagues to embrace positive changes, and how LSP customers can best work with Sciontec to implement a holistic sustainability strategy across the three innovation centres.

A number of proposals were put forward, covering simple swaps that all building users could easily adopt, to high level operational activities which would need to be guided by data collected over a longer period of time.

George Barclay, Acting Head of Property, FM and Operations, said:

“At Sciontec, we are embedding the principles of sustainability and inclusivity into everything we do – from the development and operation of our portfolio of assets, to working with the local community.

“It is fantastic to see this ethos mirrored by our customers, and we are working closely together to implementing initiatives that will benefit our entire site.”

LSP customers who are wanting to drive this change for good include Ryder Architecture, whose key priorities for their Liverpool base focus on active travel, waste management and energy consumption.

Sciontec will continue to build on the collaborative work with customers, by introducing new programmes and initiatives that will help us all to limit global warming and mitigate the effects of climate change.

George added:

“We know that we can only fulfil our wider purpose of creating thriving cities if we can deliver sustainable and environmentally-conscious work spaces that best support the wellbeing of our customers, communities and colleagues.

“We’ve already been working on improving sustainability as a business, creating more green spaces, planning the retrospective fitting of renewable energy solutions and supporting partners in their sustainability research and education programmes, but this ethos is also highly evident in our first new build development, HEMISPHERE.”

HEMISPHERE is set to become one of first new builds in the UK designed to achieve six global sustainability accreditations, and will be operational net zero. Sciontec will also be providing free sustainability guidance to all customers in the building, to help them meet their own targets for operational energy use, as part of a green leasing strategy.

To find out more about Sciontec’s overarching sustainability principles, please click here.

If you’re a Sciontec customer based at LSP and would like to take part in the next Sustainability Group meet-up, please get in touch with us today: enquiries@sciontec.co.uk