Liverpool Science Park achieves improved EPC rating


We are delighted that Liverpool Science Park has received a high rating in the latest Environmental Performance Certificate assessment at iC1 and iC3.



The assessment recorded a ‘B29’ score, marking a significant improvement on the C60 and B31 ratings the two buildings respectively achieved during their last survey, ten years ago. 

During this time, Sciontec have invested in improving not just the look and feel of the buildings, but also the performance, reinvesting in ageing HVAC systems and replacing existing light fittings with more environmentally efficient alternatives. 

As part of our commitment to improving the sustainability of our buildings, we will continue to reinvest in our facilities to ensure they perform as sustainably as possible and that we meet the target of all commercial facilities achieving at least a ‘B’ by 2030.

George Barclay, Head of Property, FM and Operations said: 

“We’ve made conscious efforts to continuously improve the sustainability of our buildings. Whether this is improving the plant and infrastructure to more efficient alternatives, or moving to alternative energy and waste management suppliers who have a greater focus on sustainability. Whilst this is a significant step forward, it’s a continuous process and one that is central to our ethos.”