LSP’s living green wall flourishes


The bespoke HYVERT living wall system has improved on site environmental credentials.

As part of Sciontec’s £1m transformational refurbishment of Liverpool Science Park in June 2021, an impressive 44m² living green wall was installed which has become a valuable eco-friendly asset, as well as an integral biophilic design feature within the space.

Made up of over 2,000 individual plants, including Epipremnum, Phlebodium Aureum Blue and Stromanthe Amabalis, the bespoke HYVERT living green wall was designed and installed by north west based I WANT PLANTS. Ecological and environmental data from the wall has now been released, providing a fascinating insight into the direct impact that the internal display has had within Liverpool Science Park (LSP).

George Barclay, Head of Property, FM and Operations at Sciontec, said:

“Our living wall has become a popular addition to LSP’s main entrance and it is fantastic to discover just how much this green infrastructure has been contributing to the sustainability credentials at LSP over the past two years.

“We’ve found that our living wall has positively impacted upon airborne pollution filtration, sound absorption, Rhizoremediation, insulation, and carbon capture within our innovation centre, which is benefitting all users of the building.”

A detailed breakdown of LSP’s latest living wall insights can be found below:

Air Quality

  • Nitrous Dioxide (NO2) reduction = 26%
  • Particulate Matter (PM10) reduction = 36%
  • Particulate matter (PM2.5) reduction = 25%


  • Average reduction of 9.45 dB
  • 18kHz frequency range


  • Nitrate reduction = 57% reduction
  • Phosphate reduction = 23% reduction
  • Total Suspended Solids = 66% reduction


  • Average carbon sequestration of Liverpool Science Park: 52.80 C/kg//Yr
  • This equates to having at least 2.4 mature trees on site drawing down carbon dioxide every year

Energy performance

  • Average U-Value = 0.35W/m²K
  • Energy consumption for cooling = 19% Reduction
  • Total energy consumption = 15% Reduction
  • Energy consumption for warming = 5.2% Reduction
  • Thermal transfer = 50% Reduction
  • Thermal resistance = 0.275 °C/W Increase

HYVERT is a modular, vertical living wall system which harnesses smart technology and boasts a Wi-Fi enabled and fully automatic irrigation and feeding system. This system monitors every part of the wall, ensuring it receives the optimum quantity of water and minimises water wastage.

The core of the system’s structure is also fabricated from recycled battery cells, and this material can be infinitely recycled, demonstrating that the life cycle of the modules and the impact on the environment have been very thoughtfully considered.

Richard Rowlands, Managing Director at I WANT PLANTS, added:

“We take the benefits of Green Infrastructure seriously and our invention, the HYVERT Living Wall System is the only living wall product on the market which can provide quantifiable, scientifically proven and validated environmental data.

“The LSP HYVERT is clearly thriving and we’re delighted to see it’s bringing so much pleasure to the building’s community. ”

Like I WANT PLANTS, Sciontec believes that integrating nature into our urban cities is the future, and is an important contributing component on our journey to net zero.

Living green wall at LSP