Polymer Mimetics move into Liverpool Science Park


Ambitious joint venture, Polymer Mimetics, moves into Liverpool Science Park to undertake sustainable material research and development.

The newly formed joint venture, between Scott Bader Company Ltd and the University of Liverpool, will exploit polymer technology developed by Professor Steve Rannard, from the University’s Department of Chemistry.

The technology utilises a novel polymerisation process to prepare previously unobtainable polymer structures via an industrially viable route, which can then be used across multiple applications.


Dr Paul Findlay, CTO at Polymer Mimetics, said:

A key focus for the business is to develop high performance polymer composites, which are both sustainable and degradable, enabling the materials to be repurposed for future use.”

Polymer Mimetics are currently setting up their R&D lab space within Liverpool Science Park and are already looking forward to making new connections with the onsite science and technology community.


Dr Findlay added:

We chose to locate within Liverpool Science Park because of the high specification lab facilities and excellent proximity to the University of Liverpool.

We also wanted to immerse ourselves within a buzzing incubator zone of like-minded companies, in which we could see opportunities for growth and future potential.”


With a strong mix of industrial and academic backgrounds, the Polymer Mimetics team have a wealth of scientific and commercial experience which will be used to develop innovative products and effective, sustainable solutions for their customers.

Having recently recruited two postgraduates, the company is not only taking the first step on its growth journey but is contributing to the creation of new jobs within Liverpool City Region.

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