RenderNation’s journey from render farm specialists to Metaverse innovators


Liverpool based CGI studio demonstrates the benefits of diversification and agile working to keep ahead of the curve.

First established in 2005 as a render farm, RenderNation has since developed a niche for architectural CGI imagery, animation and film, using their technical edge to deliver large, complex projects for their global client base.

From far-eastern airports to US skyscrapers to UK-based residential schemes, their multi-disciplinary team is involved in a wide range of projects, which integrate VFX production, bespoke software development, cinematography, camera tracking and high-performance real-time rendering, pushing the boundaries of architectural visualisation. 

James Mooney, CoFounder and Director at RenderNation, said:

“We work closely with leading architects, interior designers and property developers, to bring their design concepts to life through hyper-realistic visualisations.

“Using the art of cinematography, we have also been successful in transferring our expertise to provide engaging experiences, through the creation of compelling narratives and interactive environments.” 

Their world-class studio is trusted by a number of household names, including Sony, Apple, F1 and the BBC, and was also commissioned to work on multiple projects for the London 2012 Olympic Games. 

Another significant client for RenderNation is Foster + Partners, a global studio for architecture, engineering, urban and landscape design, who are rooted in sustainability. Collaboratively, they have delivered numerous CGI film animations and imagery for airports, commercial and mixed-use towers, and even a luxury island destination in Saudi Arabia.

As part of their continued R&D, RenderNation are about to submit an Innovate UK SMART application to develop digitally-twinned complex architecture within the Metaverse, creating immersive experiences. With proven expertise in VR and AR, the team are hopeful that their application will come to fruition, with a decision expected later this year. 

Daniel Thomason, CoFounder and Director at RenderNation, added:

“We have come a long way since our initial render farm service came to market almost 20 years ago and while this is still a product we offer, we have significantly enhanced our business offering since then.  

“We are looking forward to pushing the boundaries even further in the coming year and are excited to see what technology we can next integrate into the services we offer.” 

RenderNation is no stranger to adaptability and has undertaken agile ways of working for many years. In early 2019 they moved into Sensor City, later expanding into their current home at Liverpool Science Park to take advantage of the 24/7 site access. Having already operated a hybrid, remote working policy, their international team navigated the pandemic lockdowns with zero interruption and associated downtime, and to date operate from 5 countries around the world. 

They are now open to recruiting further and hope to make some additional connections with other leading technology-focused organisations in the Liverpool City Region, through maximising the ready-made business networks at Liverpool Science Park and the wider Knowledge Quarter Liverpool innovation district. 

To find out more about RenderNation, please visit their website here.