What are the benefits of working in an eco-friendly office space?


Working in an environmentally friendly office has many benefits, such as enhancing your brand image, boosting productivity, and improving the morale of staff.

It can also cut costs, particularly in relation to the reduction of waste, and can encourage employees to find greener ways of travelling to work, such as cycling or use of public transport.

In recent years, the drive towards net zero emissions has had a big impact on the culture of businesses of all types, from multi-national corporations through to small independents. Whilst legislation dictates that we reach net zero carbon by 2050, most innovation-led businesses have pledged to beat that by 10, 15 or even 20 years.

For this reason, sustainable workspaces, such as HEMISPHERE by Sciontec, are being developed to help companies set off on their journey to net zero. Not only will HEMISPHERE be one of first new builds in the UK designed to achieve six global sustainability accreditations, the eco trailblazer on Paddington Village in the Knowledge Quarter Liverpool Innovation District will be operational Net-Zero, Platinum WELL, BREEAM Excellent, EPC Rated A, WiredScore Certified and targets a NABERS 5.5* rating.

Read on to find out more about how office buildings, like HEMISPHERE, designed with the environment and occupier wellbeing at their core, can really benefit your business.


1. Green strategy

The implementation of a green lease strategy, use of green calculators and other means of measuring your carbon footprint often reveal ways you can reduce waste and cut costs, and eco-friendly office space is no different than any other method of doing so.

By moving into a net zero operational workspace, you can directly benefit from the building’s credentials, rather than just writing cheques for offsetting your carbon use.

Another integral part of going green is reducing waste, which has a knock-on effect that usually culminates in positive financial savings.

Green roofing systems, use of natural light, and biophilic office design are further examples of making your office healthier and more sustainable. This has a positive effect on your employees, as well as visitors to your workspace.


2. Employee wellbeing

The addition of plants, use of natural, sustainable materials, and removal of waste from administrative processes have a positive effect on the wellbeing of staff, therefore boosting morale.

When it is included in both your working environment and mission statement, eco-friendly practices also have a measurable impact on job satisfaction. By feeling valued by – and ethically akin to – their employer, employees are more loyal and have a sense of pride in their work.

Furthermore, a healthier work environment reduces sickness. Whether it’s through reducing the spread of germs or avoiding professional burnout, eco-friendly offices are healthier, preventing long term sickness having a negative effect on your business model.

Buildings like HEMISPHERE are designed for people who care about making places and the environment better and those that are driven by innovation and inclusivity. A workplace environment like this, that promotes wellbeing, sustainability and community cohesion also results in people wanting to come into the building.


3. The future of workspaces

At a time when working from home for at least a day or two a week is an expectation, it has never been more important to assemble the entire workforce from time to time in the name of creativity and productivity. As hybrid working becomes the norm for most businesses, it is vital that we not only encourage our people back into the office but that we give them a reason to want to be there.

That is why Sciontec has gone above and beyond when designing the services and amenities that are available within HEMISPHERE. Costing over £35m to build, HEMISPHERE will have sustainability, health and wellbeing within its DNA and will be designed to encourage collaboration, accidental encounters and deliberate interactions.

The creation of an environmentally friendly office space is also highly attractive to prospective investors, clients and the wider community. Investors have, in recent years, shown interest in putting their money where their values are and by committing to developing future proof, sustainable office buildings, it will also positively impact the surrounding location with improved place making, better facilities and a more inclusive strategy.

Surveys have also shown that up to three-quarters of consumers care about whether a brand they love is committed to ethical practices, especially those related to a more sustainable future. Being able to show that your business is addressing such concerns is a big selling point, meaning that locating within an environmentally friendly office space can also work wonders for your brand reputation.


What Else Can a Green Office Space Achieve?

Through the installation of bike lockers, cycle to work schemes, and the improvement of indoor air quality, an eco-friendly office space can help your business tackle climate change in all kinds of ways, removing unnecessary, harmful practices that once seemed unavoidable.

If you’re considering relocating to a new office space, like HEMISPHERE, to limit the carbon footprint of your business and improve the working environment for your team, please contact Sciontec today: enquiries@sciontec.co.uk