Using drones and 3D scanning technology for better working practices


Photogrammetry specialists provide cutting-edge solutions for the construction, marketing and wellbeing industries.


Based at Liverpool Science Park, Drone Site Surveys and DigiMaps specialise in the latest drone technologies and 3D scanning platforms, providing their customers with an integrated solution to their external and internal site needs.

Specialising in the construction sector, Drone Site Surveys provide external monitoring via roof surveys, time lapse videos, visual inspections and thermal imaging studies, as well as internal walk throughs and measurements, using their high-quality cameras, digital scanning equipment and integrated online platforms.


Stephen McConville, Director of Drone Site Surveys, said:

“At a time when in person inspections and site visits aren’t always possible due to ongoing pandemic restrictions, our remote solutions are enabling vital work to continue, as well as resulting in cost and time savings for our UK wide customer base.”


A recent example of this was via a contract to inspect the exterior of 65 NHS buildings, from Cumbria down to Chester. As a result of using drones to undertake the non-invasive observations, Drone Site Surveys were able to mobilise quickly and complete the entire project within 20 days. The aerial footage also eliminated the need for costly scaffolding to be installed and reduced site disruption as no nearby road closures were needed.

Using such technology wisely has always been a key focus for Drone Site Surveys. Having identified a gap in the market during lockdown for Disability Access Surveys, the organisation has undertaken in-depth research and worked closely with surveyors to develop a new product to address some of the challenges faced by those with disabilities or impairments.

The accessibility audits use aerial overviews, combined with 3D reality scans and online measuring tools to enable visitors to better plan their entire journeys to specific buildings, accounting for approach routes, parking and drop off facilities and curb heights, in addition to communal and private entrances, lift and stairs access.

Other applications of this technology are delivered through Drone Site Survey’s sister company, DigiMaps, who provide marketing orientated 3D tours and virtual building guides. Their integrated photogrammetry tool enables education campuses, entertainment venues and holiday parks to highlight the scale of their sites, as well as allowing viewers to take immersive walkthroughs inside the spaces.


Stephen added:

“As the only UK provider of GeoCV cameras and software, DigiMaps offers a unique, flexible and seamless platform which is optimised for user experience.

“Our platform bridges aerial imagery with internal 3D scanning technology, enabling organisations to showcase their brands and buildings in a distinctive way not seen before, utilising a range of the latest visual techniques.”


Capitalising on their close links with LSP’s University Partners, Drone Site Surveys has also been working with Dr David Tulley at Liverpool John Moores University, to develop a community focused application for their technology, incorporating Dr Tulley’s expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The resulting MuralMaps website is a location-based AI application, pinpointing street art destinations across the UK through the what3words geocode system. Working alongside artists and public contributors, the innovative platform is designed to be an engaging and immersive experience, making hidden street art within local communities more accessible.

With the mindset of developing new and innovative products and services from the technology, the team are in the process of developing a visual facilities management software. They are hoping to launch this product on visualfm.co.uk later this year.

Looking ahead to a post-pandemic world, Drone Site Surveys and DigiMaps are confident of coming out the other side stronger. With plans to expand their expert teams and grow their novel operations even further, there are many positive opportunities for both organisations to explore.