Sustainable technology developer expands footprint at Liverpool Science Park


Polymer Mimetics has experienced high growth since launching two years ago

Polymer Mimetics, a joint venture between Scott Bader Company Ltd and the University of Liverpool, moved into Sciontec-owned Liverpool Science Park (LSP) in summer 2020, to undertake sustainable material research and development.

Fast forward two years and the company has experienced significant growth across the board, in terms of their employee headcount, workspace requirements and scale of projects.

Initially occupying one CAT-2 Lab and a small office, Polymer Mimetics has expanded over the past 24 months to occupy two additional private laboratories at LSP, which is home to its team of expert scientists and a Masters student, currently completing their Year in Industry placement.

Dr Paul Findlay, CTO at Polymer Mimetics, said:

“It’s incredible to see the pace at which Polymer Mimetics has grown. Having launched the company with just three scientists, we are proud to have followed through with our commitment to creating jobs within Liverpool City Region, and now have a fantastic team of eight researchers working on a range of complex R&D projects.”

Matt Diable, a post-grad polymer chemist who played an integral part in the establishment of the company, was recently awarded a prestigious Royal Commission of 1851 Fellowship as part of his part time PhD studies over the next three years, and now hopes to publish a paper on his research, once completed.

Polymer Mimetics’ research is predominantly internally focused, developing high performance polymer composites.

The company’s focus is on the commercialisation of a novel polymerisation technology invented at the University of Liverpool. Recent milestones in this business area include the completion of industrial scale polymer production at a pilot chemistry plant, as well as developing new prototype polymers for use in 3D printing.

Dr Findlay added:

“We have been involved in a lot of cutting-edge research and novel technology over the past few years and we have made headway with our internal and external customers.”

Being based at Liverpool Science Park has enabled Polymer Mimetics to build further links with the University of Liverpool, as well as attracting talent, thanks to the innovation centre’s proximity to a leading academic institution.

To find out more about Polymer Mimetics, please visit their website here.