Telkoa Technologies moves to Liverpool Science Park

Established in November 2019, just before the Covid pandemic, Telkoa has evolved into a thriving, digital focused SME. At the start, they created a novel track and trace solution based on technology within SIM cards, rather than GPS navigation and smartphone apps. Moving forward, they evolved into a ‘mobile and IoT’ company that serves telcos of all sizes and IoT providers.

Telkoa’s mobile SIM/eSIM solutions crowd-source connectivity metrics, and provide cost-effective methods to manage network subscribers and intelligent operations. Those solutions are device agnostic and not network invasive, and all data is securely reported, providing valuable real time mobility analytics, control, and insight for their customers. On another side, their work focuses on Internet of Things (IoT) technology and cybersecurity within IoT.

Telkoa’s move to join Liverpool Science Park’s (LSP) dynamic innovation community is a significant next chapter in the SME’s development. 

Amir Kotb, CEO of Telkoa Technologies, said:

“As a University of Liverpool PhD and MBA graduate, I was really keen to locate my business in Liverpool as I love this city, and choosing Liverpool Science Park provides us with a prestigious location alongside like-minded technology and research focused organisations. We are also very excited to be joining the wider Sciontec ecosystem.”

LSP’s Membership will provide Telkoa with free wrap-around support through Knowledge Quarter Liverpool, facilitating connections throughout Liverpool City Region and providing direct access to innovation and growth support services. 

Having recently signed couple of major international commercial deals and partnerships, Telkoa are now hoping to capitalise on their new regional presence by growing organically, securing a steady revenue stream and focusing on building new products.

Amir Kotb added:

“We are keen to establish partnerships and collaborations, and to grow our European customer base. Our target market is mobile operators and IoT service providers of all sizes.”

Bringing telecommunications, cloud, and cybersecurity expertise, they are able to create the best-in-class Mobile & IoT solutions from ground up.

To find out more about Telkoa Technologies, please visit their website here.