Liverpool a City of Opportunity


When looking for somewhere to set-up or relocate your business to, it is important to consider both the business landscape and the local ecosystem for a healthy work life balance.

Liverpool City Region, and the city of Liverpool itself, have many unique qualities which make it the perfect place for your business to call home. 

A recent report outlining what differentiates Liverpool from other UK cities was written by Colin Sinclair, CEO of Sciontec, and Emily Cook, Policy Officer at KQ Liverpool, with support from the Heseltine Institute for Public Policy, Practice and Place at the University of Liverpool.

The paper highlights Liverpool’s outstanding physical innovation assets, along with their associated networks, people and culture, making it an ideal business location. 



There are a number of significant new and reinvigorated innovation assets driving

forward Liverpool’s growth and strengths in infectious diseases, materials chemistry, advanced manufacturing and digital technologies. 

Sciontec’s partners play a large part in delivering these world leading strengths, including the University of Liverpool’s Digital Innovation Facility and Materials Innovation Factory. Additionally, our own developments, including Sciontec AI in The Spine and HEMISPHERE provide the flexible workspace for research project teams and innovative spin-outs within these sectors to call home.



Liverpool is a passionate city with huge pride in place, which is generating positive change for the city both in terms of its expertise and leadership, and the willingness of the general public to come together for the benefit of the city. 

Sciontec’s spaces are bursting with creative thinkers, business brains and inquisitive minds who benefit from the potential collaboration opportunities and incidental conversations over a coffee with other customers in our buildings



Liverpool has an internationally renowned cultural offer and leverages its global cultural status to take risks, push the boundaries, and inspire the next generation of creatives.

In addition to its unique identity as a waterfront city with a strong cultural offer, Liverpool’s knowledge economy is also an integral part of the city and city region brand. 

Sitting within KQ Liverpool, Sciontec’s innovation centre locations ensure that the benefits are not only felt economically but also socially, delivering inclusive innovation and growth for all.


To read the ‘What differentiates Liverpool from other UK cities?’ report in full, please click here